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Heat Loc Liquid Pool Cover

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The Heat Loc Liquid Pool Cover is an innovative, invisible solution for maintaining pool temperature and reducing evaporation without the hassle of traditional covers. It forms a thin, imperceptible layer atop the water, offering up to a month of protection per dose

Product Description

The Invisible Pool Cover

During the cold season, one of the old practices when keeping your pool warmer is to cover your pool with some plastic blanket or similar material. This cover will help trap the heat and reduce water evaporation from your pool. These plastic covers work great, but many pool owners don’t use them because it’s a very tedious, hassle and time-consuming procedure, and of course, the bigger the pool, the harder and difficult it is to get it on and off from your pool. This is where this invisible liquid pool cover comes in.

  • Reduce heat loss
  • Save on energy costs
  • Up to one month protection
  • Most efficient solar system
  • Suitable for residential pools and resorts

In today’s technological advancement in the Pool Industry, the HeatLoc liquid pool cover is a revolutionary way to replace big, bulky, bubble-wrap, plastic-looking blankets on your pool.

Heat Loc is an ultra-thin invisible liquid pool cover that floats to the top of the water and spreads to form a liquid blanket. Heat Loc will reduce your water loss, heat loss and ultimately reduce the running costs of your pool.

A diagram showing how a liquid pool cover works

Dosage Information

Heat Loc Provides up to 1 month of protection per dose* for convenient, long-lasting protection.

Pool Volume (litres)Dosage (MLS)

Liquid Pool Cover Benefits

Heat Loc is the ultimate invisible pool cover!

  • Heat Loc is swimmer and pet-safe; you can’t see or smell it.
  • Heat Loc saves on water by up to 30%, less topping up of water
  • Heat Loc saves on heating energy costs by up to 30%

Up to 30 days of protection per dose. Just pour it in and it will start working!

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