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Genesis Top Discharge Heat Pump

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Our Top Discharge Genesis heat pumps have all the features of our Genesis Side Discharge units, just smaller. Instead of our traditional rectangular shape, top discharge units come square, allowing the air to push upwards from the unit instead of out from the side of the unit. This allows the unit to be installed with fewer space restrictions, which is ideal for those smaller yards.

Product Description

This heat pump has been designed to operate within its unique inverter technology. This technology exchanges heat from the outside air with the pool water through a continuous circulation of R32 next-generation refrigerant gas. The R32 refrigerant gas is enclosed in its own casing, ensuring that it is never mixed with the pool water and does not cause any secondary pollution, exchanging up to 50% more energy via the spiralled titanium exchanger.

The unique inverter technology allows the heat pump to generate more heat and has a much lower environmental impact, making it ecologically friendly. The inverter technology constantly measures the pool water temperature and will adjust the compressor and fan speed to run at the most efficient setting. 

Our unique technology allows the end user to save up to 50% on running costs; combined with our whisper-quiet operation, our customers increasingly love and demand Genesis Heat Pumps. 

Genesis Heat Pumps have a Coefficient Of Performance (COP) of 16.0. The COP of our heat pump is a ratio of useful heating and cooling. Higher COPs equate to greater efficiency, lower energy consumption, and, thus, lower operating costs. For every 1kw of electricity consumed, Genesis Heat Pumps provide up to 16kw of heat in return. Combine Genesis with a pool blanket and rooftop solar power for the ultimate sustainable solution.

All Genesis Heat Pumps have built-in WiFi as a standard and have a smart design touchscreen controller that is easy to navigate, setting pool temperatures and switching between heating and cooling modes as required.

Genesis has been described as one of the quietest heat pumps operating, just above 40 dB. This means you can enjoy a warm and comfortable experience without being disturbed by a noisy pool heater.

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7kW, 10kW, 13kW, 17kW, 21kW, 30kW, 45kW

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