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Madimack Eclipse

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Powerful heating & cooling pool heating series with top discharge outlet for installation versatility.

Product Description

Designed and engineered to meet the highest requirements for cooling and heating options, with a full inverter compressor and top discharge fans for a streamlined, efficient airflow, rest assured that you own the latest eco-friendly technology. Enjoy new pool heating and cooling possibilities with the space-saving and slick design. Limited space is no longer a concern.

Engineered Design & Quality

  • Designed and Engineered for Australian conditions
  • Market leader in heat pump technology
  • High-quality componentry and heat exchanger for any chemical balance

Installation Flexibility

  • Small footprint and corrosion-resistant casing for high salt areas
  • Active defrost function to assist operations in cold climates
  • Operates in cold climates down to minus 10°C

Powered by InverMAC Technology

Madimack’s enhanced inverter technology, InverMAC, is engineered to support inverter motor operation. Including product-specific proprietary technology allows for precise control of motor speed and energy usage across our range. InverMAC technology supports Madimack’s overall position of unrivalled innovation, sustainability and performance. By incorporating inverter motor technology in creative and unique ways, Madimack is leading the way in developing energy-efficient products.

  • Energy-efficient operation saves up to 66% compared to other forms of pool heating
  • Renewable energy compatible
  • High-efficiency inverter technology
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  • Top discharge air outlet
  • The most effective and consistent heating option
  • Built-inflow switch and safety devices
  • Newest eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
  • Enables more options to fit in space
  • Easy-to-use controller
  • Three models up to 26kW single-phase
  • Marine Grade anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casing
  • Cooling & heating options
  • Advanced cold air performance
  • Full inverter stepless compressor and fan
  • WiFi included as a standard feature
  • Titanium heat exchanger with 25-year warranty
  • Extremely energy efficient with COP up to 16

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16kW, 21kW, 26kW

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