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Heatseeker Gi Gas Heater

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Are you looking for a high-performance pool or spa heater that won’t take up too much space? Look no further than the Gi Gas Heater. With its “on-demand” heating capability, this compact heater can quickly and efficiently heat your pool or spa in as little as 8 hours, so you can enjoy a swim or soak whenever you like without wasting energy or money on unnecessary heating.

Product Description

The Gi Gas Heater isn’t just small and powerful – it’s also highly efficient, thanks to its double-row heat exchanger. This means it takes up less valuable real estate while helping to reduce your energy bills and minimize evaporation and chemical consumption.

Choose from three different sizes and two different fuel types (natural gas or propane), and enjoy the convenience of indoor or outdoor installation.

The Gi Gas Heater provides the perfect solution for all your pool and spa heating needs. And if you’re in a hurry, the correctly sized heater can heat your spa in as little as 30 minutes.

Gi Gas Pool Heater Specifications

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160MJ, 265MJ, 420MJ

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